Rescue operations

Rescue operations by the shelter rescue squad


The political unrest continued in the Hills for more than two months and it was a major setback for all the locals living in town and outlying villages in the face of indefinite strike. Kalimpong town remained totally shut for many months and it got tougher every day for people to fulfill their basic amenities of life. Kalimpong experienced indefinite strikes with schools and offices shut down for long however, it was only the hospitals for people and animals that remained open in this time of political unrest.

Kalimpong Animal Shelter which has been looking into the core issues of animals and working close to give animals a better life had to remain open for tending the sick animals when Kalimpong was undergoing indefinite strike. The shelter staff left no stone unturned in reaching out to the street corners and rescuing animals that were sick and left to be spayed.

Having been informed by the locals residing in the centre of town about stray dogs rising in numbers and especially the female dogs, the shelter staff caught these dogs from the street and brought them to the shelter for their spay. They were housed at the shelter run for days until their recovery. There were ample female dogs that had been taking shelter in the main town of Kalimpong after this strike was imposed. Many dogs started thronging the main town in search of food and shelter for there were running out of food generally after Kalimpong went silent due to the indefinite strike. As most of the people in Kalimpong are kind-hearted towards animals, some of them provided food to the dogs found on the street and the ones concerned about the new arrival of dogs from different street corners of Kalimpong informed the shelter for the animals’ well-being. The shelter Vet-in-charge, Dr.D.P.Pandey operated the stray animals and it was only after their full recovery they were released back to the street. And these happy looking dogs when released felt so much at ease that their eyes couldn’t hide and with their wagging tails they sped off to their own small road corner shelter and heaved a sigh of relief.

Blogs & Stories

Abandoned dog finds a home

Dog chained up all night long against the pillar of Kalimpong Animal Shelter by his owner and thus, abandoned forever finds a home It was a cold morning in November, with the onset of winter, Shelter dogs and puppies were huddling together, with their lazy yawns and...

Camp at Bhalukhop & Rambi

KAS yearly conducts camps in outlying villages where ABC camps are previously carried out. To update yearly on rabies vaccination and to operate on new dogs growing in the community and also those owned by owners, ABC camp is highly preferable in all these places. ABC...

Animal Birth Control in Kurseong ,2019

For the past decade, Kalimpong Animal Shelter has been of great importance to not only animals but also humans. To help distant places and towns where Shelter for animals doesn’t exist, Kalimpong Animal Shelter has extended a helping hand to those in need. Kurseong,...

Chibbo camp

On 11th August, 2018 Kalimpong Animal Shelter conducted an Animal Birth Control camp at the request of a local village coordinator Nigam from Chibbo Busty. The camp was held in a community hall at Chibbo Busty where such ABC camps were held previously.  Year after...

Camp at Santook

  Every year, Anti-rabies and Animal Birth Control camps are organised by Kalimpong Animal Shelter. Such camps are carried out with the help of a village local person who further coordinates with KAS. Animal Birth Control camps play a pivotal role in the life of...

Animal Birth Control Camps at Dungra, Sukhia and Takdah

 It’s that time of year where India celebrates National Animal Week all around the country. This National Week is colloquially termed as ‘Prani Saptah’. This Animal week falls on November every year and is hugely celebrated by the Govt. Veterinary Department...

Camp at Sampten Gompa

  It was a very good end to 2018 with a lot of fond memories. It was even more meaningful when Sampten Gompa, a Buddhist monastery in Darjeeling sitting atop a hill in a very beautiful location called Rimbik, Darjeeling invited Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter...

Animal Birth Control camp at Siliguri

Whilst KAS recognizes that an Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme needs to be continually implemented over years, in order to maintain a basic 70% of dogs spayed and vaccinated, KAS has accepted the request of the Government Veterinary Block II to carry out whatever...

Camp Report

Kalimpong Animal Shelter has been the one and only organisation working for the voiceless in Kalimpong for several years with the main objective to sterilize and vaccinate street dogs in order to stabilise the stray dog population. Henceforth, animal birth control...

Village camps by KAS

KAS is predominantly the first shelter in the Hills to start animal birth control programme to save the lives of thousands of dogs that were previously poisoned in order to curb the stray dog population. With Dr. Christine’s vision to start a sterilisation programme...


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'When shelters are built where they did not exist previously, people finally have a place to which they can bring animals which they find suffering and injured, and, being able to do so, learn to love and respect the needs and interests of the creatures in their care. KAS has saved the lives of thousands of animals since its foundation in 1993.'

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