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How An Animal Shelter in Darjeeling Grew from Nothing


On an ordinary day in 1994, Christine and Jeremy Townend, living in Darjeeling, took a stroll down the street. There they witnessed a dog, dying of strychnine poisoning, and later discovered from a local resident, Dr. G.S.Yonzone, that dogs were being poisoned by the Municipality in order to control the spread of rabies. Dr.Yonzone called a meeting of Darjeeling leaders, and at the meeting it was resolved to start an animal shelter. Thus Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter Trust was started and registered with the Government of India. The trustees then talked with the Chairman of the Municipality, who agreed that the council would stop poisoning dogs if an Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme was started in Darjeeling town. An ABC programme involved catching dogs, vaccinating them against rabies, spaying them with keyhole flank spay, and, after a full recovery, putting the dogs back on the street in the place they were caught. This way, the dogs guarded their biological niche, and new dogs, potential rabies vectors, did not enter the town.

It was at this time that Muriel Arnal of One Voice, sent an email to Christine Townend, suggesting a shelter should be built, which could be funded by One Voice. The only piece of land which could be afforded by the trust, was steeply sloping and swampy, at Le Bong on the outskirts of Darjeeling. However, a skilled architect, Mr. Ashok Pradhan, arranged for an analysis of the soil, and explained that the shelter could be built on the sloping land. Dr. Naveen Pandey, a qualified vet, worked with Mr.Pradhan to construct the shelter, preserving gardens which could collect water, together with a gully that enabled water to return to the creek, supplying houses below. The shelter was constructed with the intention of limiting work to the carrying out of an ABC programme. However, it was not long before local people began to bring their animals for treatment, or to ring up and ask the shelter staff to rescue a dog or puppy, dying on the street. No more dogs have been poisoned and to date more than thousands of dogs have passed through the ABC programme.

Blogs & Stories

Animal Birth Control camp at Siliguri

Whilst KAS recognizes that an Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme needs to be continually implemented over years, in order to maintain a basic 70% of dogs spayed and vaccinated, KAS has accepted the request of the Government Veterinary Block II to carry out whatever...

Camp Report

Kalimpong Animal Shelter has been the one and only organisation working for the voiceless in Kalimpong for several years with the main objective to sterilize and vaccinate street dogs in order to stabilise the stray dog population. Henceforth, animal birth control...

Village camps by KAS

KAS is predominantly the first shelter in the Hills to start animal birth control programme to save the lives of thousands of dogs that were previously poisoned in order to curb the stray dog population. With Dr. Christine’s vision to start a sterilisation programme...

Camp at Takvar

CAMP AT TAKVAR Situated in the lowlands of the beautiful hill station commonly called Lebong in Darjeeling is the shelter for animals founded by an Australian animal activist, Christine Townend. Since its foundation, Darjeeling animal shelter holds its name and fame...


KAS yearly conducts camps in outlying villages where ABC camps are previously carried out. To update yearly on rabies vaccination and to operate on new dogs growing in the community and also those owned by owners, ABC camp is highly preferable in all these places. ABC...

Anti-rabies vaccination camp held at Takling

Anti-rabies vaccination camp held at Takling Rabies, a zoonotic disease had spread far and wide in the small town of Kalimpong, in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, India. Rabies is carried both by wildlife and by dogs. Because of rabid dog bites in humans,...

The lucky dog

Meet Juno, the surrendered dog who found a home and sponsor  One cold morning with dew drops on the     ground, Kalimpong town had fallen to   sleep.   Herds   of dogs flocked together and   slept like there is no tomorrow. From the   corner a   dog   infested   with...

The homeless and injured four-legged

   The homeless and injured four-legged   Darjeeling animal shelter, a sister organisation to Kalimpong animal shelter has always worked hard in rescuing animals from the streets for ages. When any injured stray is found on the road, the dog is thereafter treated and...

Meet Juno

Meet Juno, the surrendered dog who found a home and sponsor With the arrival of spring, work at Kalimpong animal shelter was running smoothly. Rescue operations were being undertaken and surgery of cats and dogs. There were owners waiting for their dogs to regain...

Darjeeling camp

     Anti-rabies vaccination conducted by Darjeeling Goodwill Animal shelter   Darjeeling, one of the most popular tourist destinations attracts thousands of tourists every year offering the scenic beauty of the calm and placid landscapes covered in mist with the view...


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About Us

'When shelters are built where they did not exist previously, people finally have a place to which they can bring animals which they find suffering and injured, and, being able to do so, learn to love and respect the needs and interests of the creatures in their care. KAS has saved the lives of thousands of animals since its foundation in 1993.'

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Darjeeling Animal Shelter (DAS)
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Kalimpong Animal Shelter (KAS)
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