Adoption drive for Shelter and homeless puppies das


Due to the growing number of people interested in buying dogs, adoption of Shelter and street puppies are quite rare these days.  However, both Kalimpong and Darjeeling Animal Shelters have been spreading awareness on adopting more of Desi  (local)breeds and giving them a second chance at life.  Adopting a dog from the Shelter saves a life of the dog and it paves in the way for a new puppy to fill in the space. Today, Desi / Pariah dogs are the most vulnerable ones because chances of getting them a good home and a loving parent are very bleak. So, it is becoming extremely crucial to conduct adoption drives where people could see and learn and develop compassion for the Shelter and street puppies. While the drives are conducted, the puppy are also vaccinated against rabies and the owners are promised for the adopted dogs’ free spay by the Shelter. New owners are also informed that their Desi (local) breed will be less susceptible to disease.

Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter organised an adoption camp twice last year at Chowrasta where30 puppies were adopted by good owners. Kalimpong Animal Shelter also succeeded in having some puppies adopted.