Whilst KAS recognizes that an Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme needs to be continually implemented over years, in order to maintain a basic 70% of dogs spayed and vaccinated, KAS has accepted the request of the Government Veterinary Block II to carry out whatever spaying and vaccination can be achieved in Siliguri where dogs are in urgent need of treatment, sterilization and vaccination, and, in particular, owners have urgently requested key-hole flank spaying and vaccination for their cats and dogs.

Kalimpong Animal Shelter has not only been providing services to the needy animals in outlying villages of Kalimpong but also in the gateway city called Siliguri where the dog population is growing large in number every day.

Every year, Kalimpong Animal shelter with the co-ordination of Siliguri Animal Helpline conducts animal birth control camps where more than 500 bitches have been spayed. The Animal Helpline from Siliguri has worked hard in helping the street four-legged live a healthy life. Siliguri is one of the fast growing cities in India though not fully developed; the modern facilities there have attracted huge number of people from nearby towns. Humans as well as animal population there are multiplying day by day making it the most migrating city, but life for the voiceless there is very challenging and every day looks like a struggle to them in this bustling city. Now that there are a few animal organizations and like-minded people serving the voiceless, it has helped animals survive in the midst of all odds.

Many dogs are usually found lying atop a pile of rubbish or drains and sometimes in dingy places searching for food and shelter. Groups of puppies with lactating mothers do not have much to depend on there yet they travel day by day to crowded lanes searching for food. These homeless animals are hardly petted by people or taken care as they are malnourished and infested with skin diseases, and people fear of them turning rabid so they stay miles away from these animals.

Sometimes, the growing number of newborn puppies survives despite the harsh warm weather conditions whilst some die prior to their adolescence. So, it becomes very crucial to take care of female dogs in and around the surrounding areas by vaccinating and spaying them. Kalimpong Animal shelter has been working very closely with the Siliguri Veterinary Department and a recently founded organisation working for animals known as Animal Helpine. For the past few years, Kalimpong Animal shelter with the support of Siliguri Animal Helpline has operated more than 500 dogs.

With effect from the 1st of January, 2018, Kalimpong Animal Shelter with the support of Siliguri Animal Helpline has been working for control and containment of rabies through ARV/ABC in Siliguri. After the meeting chaired by the Deputy Director of Animal Resource Dept with the Vet-in-charge of Kalimpong Animal shelter and a few other members of Siliguri Animal Helpline, Kalimpong Animal shelter conformed to the objectives laid out in the manual.

The objectives read as follows:

Control the street dog population as much as possible

Awareness generation in society through group discussion in both urban and rural areas about the disease.

Vaccination against rabies both in pre-bite and post-bite cases

Quarantine of the animals in rigid manner

In accordance to the project, Kalimpong Animal shelter has successfully been conducting animal birth control camps in each Municipal corporation targeting a total of 10,050 dogs. In every camp, 25 nos. of stray dogs are to be sterilised and immunised and Kalimpong Animal shelter has commenced the program by operating 50 dogs in two camps and conducting such animal birth control camps every week where two days are allotted to carry 50 animal birth control operations whereas, Siliguri Animal Helpline has been active in locating dogs and catching them thereby bringing them for operation to the Sterilisation centre erected by Siliguri Municipal Corporation. The post-operative care is important and is also taken care of by Siliguri Animal Helpline group where dogs are kept and provided with food and veterinary care until their full recovery.

Dr.D.P.Pandey, the Vet-in-charge of Kalimpong Animal Shelter has been operating these stray bitches caught from the street and corners of Siliguri. He is also assisted by one of the compunders, Lil Thapa who has nearly had an experience of more than 10 years in this field. Sanjeev and Mahesh work alongside the Vet-in-charge and help with preparing and sedating animals before their spay. Awareness camps are also generated amongst people through flex or fliers, and a march around the city for animal birth control camps.

This program will be run until mid April when it is expected ten thousand and fifty dogs are to be sterilized. Kalimpong Animal Shelter has been working relentlessly in order to reach this target.