Meet Juno, the surrendered dog who found a home and sponsor

With the arrival of spring, work at Kalimpong animal shelter was running smoothly. Rescue operations were being undertaken and surgery of cats and dogs. There were owners waiting for their dogs to regain consciousness after surgery, the staff were checking on their busy schedule, and at sunset saw a gentleman standing in front of the clinic. Behind him was a dog hiding her face.

He had brought his dog in order to surrender her at the shelter because he had a job transfer, but the dog stood with her tail between her legs, trembling. After he had filled out a Surrender Form and when he handed over the lead to Wongal, the dog tried to follow him out the gate.

On that first day she did not sleep nor did she eat. She found it difficult to adjust to the pups running round who barked at her and distracted her, while he was in a deep thought thinking of her master. She stayed silent and awake, but within a few days, she was playing with the puppies. The shelter staff went near her and gave her some food. She wagged her tail and grabbed her food; it was a happy moment for the staff seeing her play and eat. Time passed by and she felt better every day. She was named Juno by the staff.

Today, she is a much happier dog. She resides at the shelter, and living with her new shelter family, looks happier than ever, wagging her tail when she welcomes visitors.

Now Juno has turned three, she eats three meals a day and loves to play fetch with her new family. She adores puppies a lot and runs with them to and fro during the day. On sunny days, she basks in the sun with puppies and the other dogs, Norie, Noah, and Blacky. She ends up sleeping as though there is no tomorrow while she basks in the sun, and by the time she wakes up, her friends are gone. Juno is a loyal dog, humble and nice, such kind of a dog is very rare to find. She loves to eat soggy food such as rice mixed with meat chunks and thick soup. She loves soup so much that she will lick all the leftovers in the bowl and leave the bowl clean and shiny. If Juno gets your company, she will welcome you by kissing and jumping on you.

When there are visitors at the shelter, Juno signals them saying,’ Hey! I am right here, come and see me’. After all she is an attention seeker. She will wag her fluffy tail for a couple of minutes even when she sees you from far, and howl in excitement. She also loves to sprawl on the shelter’s lush green grass and pounce on cricket and grasshoppers.

Juno is so nice that she allows all her pals to bully her, and still she won’t complain but turns those bullies by staying quiet or sleeping. When her best friends, Norie and Blacky bark at other dogs, Juno stays in her own world and acts as though she saw nothing at all sometimes.

Her parting with her master two years ago might have aggravated her pain for a while but it was this parting that made her realize the importance of love and good home and know the difference between good and bad master. And it was also this parting which turned out to be very favourable for it brought her closer to the animal kingdom and helped her get sponsored by One Voice, France. Not only that, but she even met a lot of furry friends and kind staff at the shelter.