As Kalimpong headed towards the movement for a separate statehood, the inconvenience faced by the locals were way too much, and in the middle of the imposed indefinite strike, it was not just people who struggled for food, but animals too. It was a difficult feat to succumb but with the support of a few, the shelter could still run well despite the upheaval. Kalimpong animal shelter which solely stands for the voiceless has many responsibilities to fulfill and ensure that all animals live a peaceful and healthy life. It is not only that but, the shelter has another important aspect to look at i.e., animal birth control camp which is very crucial for the animals.

When the indefinite strike continued in the hills, the scheduled ABC camps had to be postponed, there was no respite from the turmoil caused by the indefinite strike, and everything came crumbling down. It was only months later when the agitation was still continuing in the hills, the shelter team risked it all considering the problems faced by people in the gateway city called, Siliguri due to stray dog menace. So, it was imperative to reach out to the city and perform spays on stray dogs rescued by the Siliguri animal helpline team.

The shelter staff started early in the morning and having reached the gateway city by late morning, they performed spays and neuter on these rescued animals. The camp was held on the 24th of September at the sterilization centre near Don Bosco School in Siliguri for two days in a row and the shelter Vet-in-charge, Dr.D.P.Pandey and his team worked hard even in the blazing sun. The total number of dogs spayed the first day rose to 23 dogs and, subsequently, 10 more dogs, the other day. The camp was very fruitful and definitely a strenuous one as well and, with each staff fearing at the back of their mind on returning home, to the place where terror had broken out.

The shelter staff even in the middle of ongoing protest traveled long distance risking it all only to save the animals from multiplying and curb the menace caused by those strays in the locality.



Yogita Chettri