The brave and bold woman with a humane heart

A savior to the voiceless, a mother to the needy furry friends, she is the one who has dedicated her life endlessly to rescuing stray dogs from the narrow lanes and busy streets of Kalimpong. Living on a rented house in Kalimpong with one child, and work load on her mind, she pursues to taking care of stray animals by rescuing and giving them a shelter and food to live on. She is the one who has been doing rescue work passionately with the help of Kalimpong Animal Shelter. Wherever she finds a stray, she picks it off and gives it a home or brings it to shelter for adoption. She feels delighted seeing furry friends wagging their tails, and when she sees dogs in pain it is when she engulfs herself in grief.

A middle aged woman working in a health department raising one kid and many pups, and still sparing her valuable time for rescuing the stray puppies is incredible. In spite of nosy parkers, and spiteful comments from people for having rescued ailing dogs and giving them shelter she stands tall and faces it with all her might.

She says, “When I see animals suffering, I cannot bear it, I put them in my shoes and when I feel their pain, my heart is heavy.’’ Every time she rescues a pup or dog, she brings to Kalimpong Animal Shelter immediately for its treatment, and surrenders them at the shelter in the hope they get adopted easily with the help of Shelter staff. Without any fear of bites or infection, she picks up the dog from the road, and gives it a tight hug. And when she comes across aggressive dogs loitering around on the road, but those who are seeking help, she informs Kalimpong Animal Shelter for their rescue. She is the messiah to all these furry friends who are in need of a compassionate person like her.